Resort Type

Airport Distances
Alicante – 84.20km – 0h 52 min
Murcia (San Javier) – 4km – 0 h 5 min


San Javier is in a fantastic location only 23 km to the coastline of the Mar Menor and 16 to the Mediterranean. San Javier is home to the General Air Academy, a training center for pilots of the Air Force and headquarters of the Acrobatic Patrol “Águila” (Eagle), which bear the name of San Javier all over the world. All throughout the year the residents witness the “Águila” patrol performing their acrobatic stunts with bright clouds of red and yellow smoke following behind them, a truly magnificent sight.

The main feature of San Javier is the Mar Menor (Small Sea), which in fact is not a sea but Europe’s largest Salt Lake. The beaches around the Mar Menor are some of the best in this area due to its cleanliness and calm waters. During the summer months the lifeguards block off the deeper parts of the water making it an ideal place to bring children to play. There is also several children’s play areas and assault courses along the whole beach front as well as beach bars and many local restaurants.

There is plenty to see and do in San Javier such as: The local history museum, numerous water sports along its beaches, cycling routes all throughout the municipality, a locally famous live Jazz Concert (held in July) and of course Roda Golf Course.

San Javier also has its own shopping center, Dos Mares, complete with a Spanish cinema, bowling alley, plenty of shops and fast food restaurants.