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We believe in treating everyone equally and feel we shouldn’t penalise people for the buying position they are in, so you can still come to Spain under the conditions that suit you.

You may not yet have visited Spain but are keen to find out more or maybe you know you want to move but not sure of the area, don’ t worry, we can help.

Join us on one of our unique three day ‘fact finding trips’ so when you are in a position to purchase, we will both know exactly where and what you are looking for.

These unique and exclusive breaks are tailored around YOUR agenda to show you exactly what you want to see.

Maybe it is schools or medical services, maybe golf courses or beaches that are important, or just a good look at each area and what is has to offer. Whatever it is, the choice is yours. One of our specialist guides will be at your disposal as and when to help you make that life changing decision.

The best part of it is that when you are in a position to return and purchase your dream home, we will also refund you flight and accommodation*.

For more information, please fill in your details below and we will contact you at your convenience:

*Does not apply to Bank Repossessions